Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Ah the Olympics. Such a great time! I love the Olympics! I love watching all the sports. I love watching our Team USA win! Everything about it is just so exciting!

When I was a little girl, we would watch the Olympics and I would dream about being an Olympic Athlete some day. During the Summer Olympics, I dreamed of being a gymnast. During the Winter Olympics I wanted to be a figure skater! My role models were Kristi Yamaguchi, Shannon Miller, and Tara Lipinski.

Well, I never became an Olympic athlete, but I still love watching the amazing athletes compete for Olympic Gold. There are some awesome athletes this year!! From Shaun White to Hannah Kearney, from Apolo Ohno to Lindsey Vonn. There are some TALENTED people!! I am cheering for everyone on TEAM USA!!!

What is your favorite Olympic sport? Do you have a favorite athlete?

Much Love,


  1. You are welcome! Don't miss POM's Connect MEme Monday next week!

  2. Ahh I was a figure skater and gymnast too! You know, like in my head! And we must be around the same age cuz they were who I was watching too!