Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I Love

*Update* Since my beloved best friend pointed something out that I didn't mention, I am not changing this list to 101 Things I love.

101. PINK STARBURST!!! (Which is in the bottom picture. LOL!)

My new friend Brittany inspired me to do this post. I admit, I took some of the things from her list. But I love those things too!! LOL!

These are in random order. (As in, the order they came to my mind!)

1. Matthew

2. My family
3. My friends
4. My pets
5. Sweet tea
6. Target
7. Wal-Mart
8. Lane Bryant
9. Shopping

10. Planning
11. Naps
12. Catching up with old friends
13. Decorating
14. Grey's Anatomy
15. Sleeping in
16. Reading
17. Scrapbooking

18. Facebook
19. Clearance Items
20. Bargain shopping
21. Food Network
22. Trying new recipes
23. Pentel R.S.V.P. fine point pens
24. Movies
25. Going to dinner
26. Strawberries

27. Anything pink
28. Anything purple
29. Spending time with my friends
30. Massages
31. Lists
32. Wii
33. Wii Fit
34. Chrome cologne
35. The smell of freshly cut grass.
36. Front porches
37. Flip Flops
38. Nashville

39. Reading blogs
40. Traditions
41. My Grandma's Macaroni
42. Girl talk
43. Going through the car wash
44. Chocolate ice cream
45. Photography
46. Kisses on the forehead

47. Cuddling
48. Holding hands
49. Country music
50. Christian music
51. Sunglasses
52. Laughing
53. Texting

54. Daisies
55. Daffodils
56. Irises
57. Coffee
58. My cell phone
59. Brown eye liner
60. My hair straightener
61. Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks

62. Babies laughing
63. White fluffy clouds in a blue sky
64. Dr. Pepper
65. Shopping for scrapbook things
66. Taking pictures
67. Making stuff
68. Planning my wedding

69. My church
70. My "adopted" family
71. Magazines
72. Cute coffee mugs

73. Whole grain tortilla chips *YUMM!*
74. Living vicariously through my friends
75. Panera Bread
76. My pink water bottle
77. My Coach purse

78. My Louis Vuitton purse

79. Libraries
80. La-Z-Boys
81. Yard sales
82. Chocolate cake
83. Foreign languages
84. Clawfoot tubs

85. Swimming pools
86. College-ruled notebook paper
87. Photobooths
88. Movie ticket stubs
89. Bare feet
90. Cathedral window quilts

91. Crushed ice
92. Bluetooth headsets
93. Open fields
94. Finger nail polish
95. Acoustic guitars

96. Thrift stores
97. Christmas trees
98. Disney World
99. Baby clothes
100. Thoughtful gifts

Much Love,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Who likes Giveaways!?

Kristen is having a giveaway of some of her Favorite things! Just go to her blog and comment to enter!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Daddy is at home and is doing much better. He had a few complications once he got home, with his medicines, but they have all been fixed. He has had some trouble getting comfortable, because of the wound site from the surgery, but that is getting better as well.

I still haven't found a job yet, but for the next week, I am back at GroupSource working while one of the other agents is on vacation. I'm so glad, because I get to see my friends again, and I get to make some money that I really need right now!

Matthew and I are looking for a place to live in Clarksville. I decided that I can't afford to live alone, and I don't want just anyone as a roommate. So we're looking for something big enough for us, all of our stuff, and a room for his girls to stay in when they visit. We found a house that we really like, but we aren't sure if we will get it or not. So we're still looking.

And I'm still looking for a job. I have part time stuff, like working at GroupSource and a possible nanny job that would pay good. I'm going to be staying with my grandparents for a week in June and a couple of weeks in July, while my aunt is on vacation. So that will help too.

In OTHER news.....

Matthew is buying me a ring!

(It needs to be resized, obviously!)
We're not officially engaged yet, but we've been talking for a while now, and we are going to get married. Some of you probably already know that. But I just wanted to post it anyways. I'm so happy.

Well, I better go. I'll write more later.

Much Love,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am so sick of hospitals! 3 days at the hospital with Grandpa. And then Daddy has been in for over a week. I've been here with him every day for a week except yesterday. And this hospital is really getting annoying. The building itself is great. Big rooms, really pretty atrium, food court, etc. But the people.... While they are nice, they don't do all that much. Ya know, usually when you're in the hospital, they come in every hour or so to take vitals, give medicines, etc etc etc. Here, it's like every 4-5 hours. And they haven't asked him how he's doing or if he needs anything. Except for a couple of nurses.

Also, they've diagnosed Daddy as diabetic. Which he and I both know is crap. He eats healthier than anyone I know. No white sugar or white flour. No white potatoes, not much beef. He eats a lot of salmon and broccoli. They said his blood sugar has been high for a while, like up in the 200's. It should be like 70-100 approximately. The only reason his is so high is because he eats ice cream and drinks sweet tea. I mean literally. It's really frustrating.

The diabetic dietitian was just here to tell him how to eat. Which he already eats correctly! Now he's getting a glucose monitor. He's thrilled. (can you hear the sarcasm DRIPPING from that statement?)

I'm so sick of doctors and hospitals and everything. I'm ready to go home.

Well, that's all for now. I guess I needed to vent. There will probably be more later. This has been a very rough couple of weeks for me.

Much Love,