Saturday, March 28, 2009

New House!

So tonight is my first night in the new condo. Like in my previous post, I'm still climbing over boxes and going through the maze, but it's in a new place and we're putting things up instead of packing more boxes now. Hehe. It really crazy right now, but we got everything except for a few little things moved today. It was a LONG day. But it's all over here. YAY!

Ok, so since today has been SO long, I'm going to bed. More later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I so love my new phone! I am on it right now, posting a new blog. Its amazing. And its not just a mobile version of the websites. Its the full version! Hehe.

So I'm moving in 2 days. I can't wait. I hate having to climb over boxes and go through the maze that is my house. Ugh. Plus, I really want to live in Hannah's pretty new condo! I know she's excited too!

Well I've sort of gotten 2 birthday gifts already. Matthew gave me a memory foam pillow. Yay! He's such a good boyfriend. And last night Rachel showed me a picture of the shawl she is knitting for me. YAY! I saw a picture of one and thought they were cool, so she's making me one. I can't wait til Sunday to get my other presents. My birthday isn't til Wednesday, but we're celebrating on Sunday after church since everyone is off work and Matthew will be here. I'm so excited!

Well, DiAnna will be here soon to help me pack more stuff. I'll write again soon. Please pray that I find a job SOON!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Things...

So, I got a new phone today. To replace my old one that is screwed up. I LOVE IT! It's the new HTC Touch Pro. So cool.

We're almost finished painting Hannah's new condo. It's looking amazing. (Pictures on facebook!) I can't wait to move in on Saturday. Hehe. Fun times.

Still looking for a job. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I'm kinda desperate right now.

Well, I'm beat. So I'm going to bed. Lata!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Job Hunting

So, I am now looking for a new job. With the economy sucking the way it is, and the travel industry going way downhill, my employers can't afford to keep me anymore. They hated to let me go, but they didn't really have much of a choice anymore. It honestly doesn't surprise me, and I don't blame them at all. But it still sucks, nonetheless. I love my employers and their whole family. (Family owned business) They are amazing people and this has been the best job I have ever had. Also, the longest full time job I've had! (A year and a half) I have made lifelong friends there. It has been a blessing to work in a christian environment. I just pray that I can find a job that will be able to provide my financial needs, as well as be a good environment for me and be something I can excel at and enjoy. I'm also praying that it happens soon. Please keep me in your prayers. I desperately need them.

Also, my phone is like possessed as of right now. Will not do anything. So frustrating. When I get up in the morning I am going straight to the Sprint store to see if they can fix it or replace it. (Just learned the other day that they don't make my phone anymore so if they replace it, it will be the upgraded version! Which would be kinda cool!!)

Ok, it's 1:30 in the morning, so I'm going to bed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Exciting Things!

So today is my sister’s closing day for her new condo. I am so uber proud of her! Buying a condo at 21 years old. Ya can’t beat that! She is so excited! We’re painting this week and hopefully getting the new carpet put in this week, so we can move in next week. We’ve already given our notice to our landlord and we have to be out by the end of the month. That’s just 15 days! EEK! Hannah’s living with our parents for right now, because of the construction zone in our house. Ugh. If you haven’t heard about that on Facebook, just ask me.

I can’t wait to move. I’m tired of living with all the dust from the ceiling collapse, and all the boxes piled EVERYWHERE! I want to be able to walk around! AND I want to be able to use my new sofa and loveseat! I am so excited about those! Hehe. Not to mention being excited about getting a cat! I’ve been wanting a cat for a long time. We’ve lived in this place for almost 2 years, with no pets allowed. So Hannah is letting me get a cat. I almost have everything I need. Litter box, food and water bowls, bed, toys, etc. Just need litter, food, etc. I can’t wait!

My friend Falon has planned a lunch to celebrate my birthday. It’s at a Japanese restaurant, so I’m kinda scared. LOL! I’ve never had japanese food. Matthew loves it. Falon loves it. My friend Rachel loves it. Hannah doesn’t like any asian food. LOL! So we’ll see how that goes. I love chinese food, but I’ve never had Japanese. But I’ll find out if I like it or not on March 29th!

After my birthday, Matthew and I are going to NC to pick up 2 of his daughters for spring break. The oldest is going to her godmother’s house. But we’ll have the younger 2. I’m excited and nervous. I’ll be meeting his daughters and their mom at the same time. But we’re bringing them back here for the week. Planning tourist-y things around Nashville. We MAY stop in Gatlinburg on our way back to Nashville to go to the aquarium. Hehe. (CHEAP with military id!!) I’m excited.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. More later.