Thursday, March 26, 2009


I so love my new phone! I am on it right now, posting a new blog. Its amazing. And its not just a mobile version of the websites. Its the full version! Hehe.

So I'm moving in 2 days. I can't wait. I hate having to climb over boxes and go through the maze that is my house. Ugh. Plus, I really want to live in Hannah's pretty new condo! I know she's excited too!

Well I've sort of gotten 2 birthday gifts already. Matthew gave me a memory foam pillow. Yay! He's such a good boyfriend. And last night Rachel showed me a picture of the shawl she is knitting for me. YAY! I saw a picture of one and thought they were cool, so she's making me one. I can't wait til Sunday to get my other presents. My birthday isn't til Wednesday, but we're celebrating on Sunday after church since everyone is off work and Matthew will be here. I'm so excited!

Well, DiAnna will be here soon to help me pack more stuff. I'll write again soon. Please pray that I find a job SOON!

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