Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am so sick of hospitals! 3 days at the hospital with Grandpa. And then Daddy has been in for over a week. I've been here with him every day for a week except yesterday. And this hospital is really getting annoying. The building itself is great. Big rooms, really pretty atrium, food court, etc. But the people.... While they are nice, they don't do all that much. Ya know, usually when you're in the hospital, they come in every hour or so to take vitals, give medicines, etc etc etc. Here, it's like every 4-5 hours. And they haven't asked him how he's doing or if he needs anything. Except for a couple of nurses.

Also, they've diagnosed Daddy as diabetic. Which he and I both know is crap. He eats healthier than anyone I know. No white sugar or white flour. No white potatoes, not much beef. He eats a lot of salmon and broccoli. They said his blood sugar has been high for a while, like up in the 200's. It should be like 70-100 approximately. The only reason his is so high is because he eats ice cream and drinks sweet tea. I mean literally. It's really frustrating.

The diabetic dietitian was just here to tell him how to eat. Which he already eats correctly! Now he's getting a glucose monitor. He's thrilled. (can you hear the sarcasm DRIPPING from that statement?)

I'm so sick of doctors and hospitals and everything. I'm ready to go home.

Well, that's all for now. I guess I needed to vent. There will probably be more later. This has been a very rough couple of weeks for me.

Much Love,

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  1. I'm sure being at the hospital is exhausting. I'm sorry. Do they know when he'll be able to go home?