Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Life of a Military Wife

I am just a few weeks into being a military wife. The depth of the meaning of "military spouse" has not yet quite caught up to me. I am still in the newlywed "honeymoon" stages. Of being married and being a military wife. I've got my "Army Wife" bumper sticker, license plate, key chain, mugs and hat! But am I really prepared for the responsibilities that this job carries?

I just finished reading "Going Overboard: The Misadventures of a Military Wife" by Sarah Smiley. She tells about her experiences, and short comings, during her husband's sudden deployment. I think this book was good for me. It helped me understand a little more what its like. How it will be when my husband is 7000+ miles away for 12 months!

Every day is one day closer to the day he leaves. Every day is one day closer to the day that half my heart will be seperated from me. Every day is precious to me because I am dreading that day. I don't even know when THAT DAY is! They have told us what month. But it could be any day that month.

We have to start packing our apartment up. I am moving back to Nashville so I don't feel COMPLETELY alone for a year. I want to have the majority of our things packed up, because I will be moving after he deploys. Meaning I will be an emotional WRECK! I am NOT looking forward to that. IT WILL SUCK! Nevertheless, we are packing. (I AM looking forward to getting out of this crappy apartment!) We also have to pack the stuff he is taking with him. I think it has to ship out sometime next month. EEK! HOW do you pack for a YEAR!?! That is so overwhelming to me. They have given him a list of things to pack, but how do you pack stuff other than your military gear for twelve months?! I just don't know.

This is what I am going through. My daily thoughts. I lay in bed at night thinking about tons of things. Not able to go to sleep. It is so frustrating. How am I going to be able to sleep when he is not in the bed with me?

Much Love,


  1. Ambien!? Lunesta!? lol JUST KIDDING! I cant even imagine what you're feeling. How amazing of your hubby to go and fight for our country, but I think whats even more amazing is the strength and courage of the women(and men) behind our soldiers. You will get through it take it day by day and hang in there =D

  2. I can't imagine having Brandon away for more than a day, much less a year! But you are so strong! I know you can do it! Since you're coming to Nashville, if you ever need someone to hang out with, come keep you company, or just someone to talk to, don't hesitate! :)

  3. Wow, that is a task! And thank your husband for his service. It is much appreciated.

    Thanks for finding time to stop by my blog on mhy SITS day!

  4. my dad was in the military and we moved every few years. its hard, but it also makes for a very interesting life! thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS feature day, I really appreciate your comments.

  5. I can't say that I understand. Cause I don't. But I love you and I'm so excited that you're finally going to come see me!!

  6. The strength and courage you both show is simply amazing. Thanks so much for the follow - following back!

  7. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Thursday!!! :)

  8. It sucks, but you are stronger then you think.
    You both are making such a sacrifice for the rest of us.

    My husband works out of town and sometimes we don't see him for weeks. I know I can't compare it to your husband, but just to let you know once he'll leave you will find your way to deal with it and go on on till the day he comes back.

  9. Oh, I can't even imagine. I hope that you will have a pleasant year while you are separated. That is a great idea to read books so you know what is going to be happening. Very wise!