Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tell Me About It Thursday

So, I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to share about my early years. It's kinda hard for me to just randomly think of stories. But if I get to talking about stuff, then it just kinda rolls. LOL!

Anyways. I've decided to share a story about when I was a baby. See, I was a very particular baby. I HAD to be rocked to sleep every night. My mom couldn't just lay me in my crib and expect me to go to sleep. OH NO! She had to rock me to sleep. Well, one night, I was screaming bloody murder as she was rocking me to sleep. She was exhausted because I wouldn't shut up. And she needed to go to the bathroom. So she put me in my crib, still screaming bloody murder, and she went to the bathroom. By this point she was crying. Well, I was mad. I climbed OUT of my crib. During that process, I got my leg stuck in the bars as I fell to the floor. I couldn't cry any louder, because I was already screaming as loud as I could.

When my dad came home, he found me on the floor, screaming as loud as I could. He found my mom in the bathroom crying. He didn't know what was going on. So we finally calmed down and my mom was rocking me again. I kept reaching down toward my leg. She called my doctor and he said that if it was still bothering me the next morning to bring me in. It was. Long story short, I ended up fracturing my leg. I had a cast up to my waist. And apparently I wore it off before it was supposed to be taken off.

Now, Obviously I don't remember this. But my mom has told me this story many many times! Hehe. Love you Mommy!!!

Much Love,

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