Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Journal in a Jar

My mom made this very creative gift for some co-workers for Christmas last year. It's called Journal in a Jar. She found the template from I've been asking for her to make me one.

I love to blog/write in a journal, but I tend to have trouble thinking of interesting things to say. So I was looking at my blank blog post and I thought "I have the journal jar things saved on my computer, so I can just use them for my blog!" I am determined to start doing that. I may have to come up with a good system for it being random, because the random ideas are all on pages, so there's like 10 to a page or something. I don't want to just go look and pick one. I want it to be like picking one from a jar.

If anyone else wants to do this, I'd love to read what you post!!

Much Love,

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  1. so i am goin to check this out. i feel i ramble on here. not even a week ago, i only blogged for family. but then if found the SITS page, and need to make it more entertaining. lol so, ill let you know. id love to do it with ya. nikki - TN SITSah =)