Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unveiling the Palm Pre!

am so excited about this! I finally got my new phone: The Palm Pre!

I did a lot of research about this phone before I got one. My sister has one. Hubby-to-be's friend has one. So I had a couple that I could learn on. I read tons of reviews. Watched lots of videos about the functions.

I ordered it yesterday. And it's HERE! I took pictures. Hehe.

Opening the box

Mostly packing

The actual box

There it is!!!



From left to right: USB cord, Palm Pre, ear buds, phone case, phone chargers, instructions

It's so pretty! I love the software. It's so easy to use! It links all my contacts together from Google, Facebook, etc. There are apps for this phone (WATCH OUT IPHONE!) It's awesome. LOVE IT!

Ok, I'll hush now. Hehe.

Much Love,


  1. Thats un. I just got a Blackberry and I am loving it toooo!

  2. How fun for you! I don't have one nearly that cool. Let us know how you like it.