Friday, October 2, 2009

Beverage Swap Pics!

I participated in the Beverage Swap from MRM's blog. It was so much fun! We had to send a drink, a cute mug or cup, something with the beverage "theme". My swap partner was Samantha. She emailed me after the partners were announced, to get an idea of what I liked. And boy did she do good!! Here are some pics!

Awesome candle.
Candle sitting next to the exact same kind of candle I got from my 2nd swap! LOL!

YUM! I <3 Earl Grey!

Yeah Buddy!

Fridge notepad

Another cute frame.

YUM! Chocolate!


AWESOME mug!!! Love it!

And a very sweet note.

Thanks Samantha! You're awesome!

Much Love,

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