Monday, October 12, 2009

My Old Kentucky Home

Hubby-to-be and I have been visiting my grandparents in Louisville KY this weekend. We were here a few months ago, which was the first time they met him. At that time, my Aunt B (who is my fave aunt and one of my fave people in the world!) was on vacation in Alaska, so she missed the chance to meet him. (This was before he proposed!!) Well, a few weeks after he proposed she called me and said that she has to meet him before the wedding, and before Christmas. (We always go to my grandparents house for Christmas) He had a 4 day weekend, so we decided to come up for a visit.

When we were here last, we saw my grandparents just for a few hours before we had to head home, so they have been getting to know Hubby-to-be a little better. (I think they like him! He is the only guy I have brought here to meet them!) Aunt B was at Grandma & Grandpa's house when we got here. Thus started the first round of interrogations. (Aunt B works for the IRS in the criminal justice dept. She has a gun and a license. You DO NOT mess with her!)

After several rounds of interrogations (just questions about him, his background, family, job, etc, etc, etc), he has survived! LOL! I think she likes him too. But the jury is still out. (no confirmation of her opinion.)

It's been a great weekend. Quality time with family. Good food. Getting lost and driving in circles Spontaneous exploring of the city. Just an all around great weekend. I kinda hate that we have to leave in the morning!

Much Love,

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