Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Friday!

Thanksgiving has crept up on me this year! I have been so consumed in wedding plans that I haven't thought of anything having to do with Thanksgiving or the meal I'm going to help cook! Or the fact that this Friday is BLACK FRIDAY!!

I love Black Friday. I love shopping. I love getting up at 4am and braving the crowds! Although I have learned that it is more fun with certain people. Hehe.

Have you seen the Black Friday ads yet? Make sure you map out the stores you're going to, what times they open, and what items you want at each store. That is the best way to shop on Black Friday. Also, if you have multiple people going with you, you can have one person stand in line, and someone else go get your items!! (I know, I know. I'm BRILLIANT!)

I don't plan on doing much shopping this year, but I have seen a few things that I would like to get from Walmart. A few things for some Christmas gifts, that I will not mention on here! But one thing that I would LOVE to get for myself! The Cricut Expression machine! (That's the biggest one!) Walmart will have it on sale for $188! That's $100 off of Walmart's original price, and almost $200 off of Cricut's retail price!! Now tell me that's not amazing!!

Here is the best website! You can find lots of stores and their ads on here. Check it out!

Where are YOU shopping on Friday?

Much Love,


  1. I was just looking at the website and the Cricut Machine will be on sale at Joann Fabric store for $74.88 Maybe it's not the same thing but check out the website just in case cause that's a huge savings! :)

  2. I looked that up. It's the smaller version that is $74.88. Which is still a good price! But JoAnn's still has the Expression for $249.