Thursday, September 3, 2009


So, you know how I've been dreaming of my wedding for most of my life? And you know how I've started planning the wedding for August 2010?

Well NO MORE! Matthew's upcoming deployment got bumped up 6 months. So he'll be gone before August.

He called me this morning to tell me that. Of course, he was out of town for TDY and I felt so horrible. I cried. I called/texted my friends. Didn't get to talk to Matthew again until he got home. (Like 30 mins ago)

We haven't made any definite plans. We're thinking we might to a JOP ceremony and then plan the big wedding for after he gets back. Which would mean we would have more money for it, and I would have more time to plan it.

I'm not sure. Updates to follow.

Much Love,


  1. I always remember that Jim Reeves song my Dad used to sing, I think it was called "Distant Drums" about an armyman asking his girl to marry him now, because the distant drums of war were beckoning. It really touched me deep down. If I were you (I'm not telling you what to do, of course) I think I'd get married and go for it now. But you will have to do what feels right to you, I guess! All the best to both of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers right now.

  2. so sorry. no matter what day it happens, it will happen, and it will be magical because you have such a great match in each other. but having these sorts of plans messed with isn't fair, I agree...


  3. What a bummer! Sorry your plans didn't work out. Perhaps there's a reason behind it and one day you'll look back and be glad that it happened this way. Keep your chin up!

  4. Aw girl! I'm so sorry to hear that! Hope ya'll get everything worked out so all goes perfectly!