Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband-to-be Rocks!

So, today my amazing husband-to-be took me on a date. It's been a while since we had a real date. (since the kiddos were here!) We went to Chili's for lunch and had their 2 for $20. It was so much fun. Although, he FORCED talked me into a White Chocolate Molten cake for dessert. It's like their original Chocolate Molten Cake, but it has a white cake and white chocolate inside and on top, with berry sauce drizzled over it. It was good. But NO WHERE near the amazing-ness of the Chocolate Molten Cake! LOL!

After that, we went to Dillard's to register for wedding gifts. Like our CHINA! The pattern I convinced him we loved we picked out is SOOOO pretty!!! It's very elegant. I am crazy about it. We picked crystal that was in the same series, but a little different. He We both liked it better than the one that matched the china. We also picked the silverware that matched the crystal.

The girl that helped us with the registry was so funny. She got married 5 months ago, so she was still kinda in the planning mode. LOL! She went around with us on and off, saying "OOH! You should get this!" and "OH you HAVE to have this!" She made it so much more fun! Especially, when we were having trouble deciding what colors to go with.

After Dillard's we went to see "Julie & Julia". SUCH a great movie. We both liked it. After it was over, we headed home and talked about finding Julia's AND Julie's books! Hehe.

When we got home, he hugged me tight. He asked me if I had a good date night. I smiled, looked into his eyes and kissed him. "Yes."

So great. *Happy sigh*

Much Love,


  1. Awww this makes me smile :)Sounds like a great date to me!