Friday, June 12, 2009

Furniture Anyone??

I just sold the desk. WOOHOO!*

I am in the process of moving to Matthew's apartment. I am already here, but my furniture is not. We are selling a lot of Matthew's things, to make room for mine. His stuff has been either free or very cheap, so it's mostly, well, not very good. I sold a computer monitor for $15. I just sold his mattress and boxsprings for $25.

Yes, I said $25. It was in such bad shape that I didn't care how much I sold it for. He got it for free anyways!! LOL!

I sold 2 matching accent tables for $20.

A Boat shelf for $20.

I still have several things for sale. And a few of them might go today.


Coffee/End Table Set

Antique Nightstand

Counter-height Kitchen Table

Louis Vuitton luggage

And a few other things. Christmas tree, computer mouse, small dresser, wooden cd tower, floor lamp, sony surround sound system, wireless router, etc. Those are just some of the things.

I have a couple of things at Hannah's house too.

My Dresser (Mirror not shown)

Swivel TV stand

So, if anyone is interested and in the Nashville/Clarksville area, just let me know. I have everything listed on Craigslist and so if they sell, I will update this post.

Much Love,

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