Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Needed Prayers

For those of you who haven't already seen it on Facebook, my Grandpa is in the hospital. I was visiting my boyfriend when my mom called. She said "How many clothes do you have with you?" Confused, I answered "Enough for the weekend, why?" (This was Monday, after the weekend that I had been in Clarksville.) She said "I need you to drive to Louisville because Grandpa is in the hospital." Basically, my aunt can't take much time off of work to stay with them, and Grandma can't stay by herself. They are both having problems with their kidneys. We knew about Grandma's. She is going to have to start dialysis(sp?) soon. Grandpa on the other hand, we had no clue about his kidney problems until like last week. The drs are saying that his have been getting worse for a while now. They said this morning that he's functioning on 30% of his kidneys. THAT'S NOT GOOD!

My aunt told me yesterday that she had taken him to the dr for an appointment. They drew blood for a test and then they left. They ran a few errands and then wentback for the results, which were basically "Your kidneys are not working correctly" So they left again to run more errands. Then he got a call from the dr saying "We need you to come to the emergency room. This could be fatal." And Grandpa's response to that was "Well, I don't think I can come back today."


So, I'm here. In Louisville. At the hospital. With the best grandparents and aunt in the entire world. Please keep us all in your prayers.

Much love,

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