Friday, January 16, 2009


So the other night, my sister and I were on our way home from church in Brentwood. We stopped to get gas, since my tank was on the edge of empty. It was really very annoying because the pump didn't have the little catch on it to keep it pumping without having to hold it the whole time. So, there I was, holding the pump. Freezing. There was a Jeep in front of us. There was no one standing by the car, so I couldn't tell if they were inside the store, or sitting in the car. All of a sudden, gas starts SPEWING out of the Jeep's tank. I mean, everywhere!

"OH MY GOSH! HELLO!" I looked in my car and got my sister's attention and pointed at the Jeep. I was still holding my pump, now carefully watching the gallons I'm putting in so MY car doesn't do the same thing. My sister JUMPS out of the car and RUNS to the Jeep and stops the pump. Then, the driver of the car, (a teenager obviously from Brentwood) gets out and says "Oh my gosh! The little thing didn't go off! Oh well. Eww gross!" (She had to touch the gas on the cap to put it on!)

After we got back in the car, my sister said that she heard the girls in the car saying "What is she doing?!" (When they saw her run towards their car) We kept saying "Oh my gosh. Like, seriously?! Do you not know how to do ANYTHING?!" for like 5 minutes down the road. Crazy Brentwood people. Don't care about anything. Losing money for gas spewing out of the tank. Probably won't think about the gas possibly stripping the paint off the car. Which will cost more money to fix. But why should she care? It's not her money! It's daddy's money.

Needless to say, I can't stand Brentwood people. I used to live there. Most of the people there are very stuck up. For example, when I lived there, the lady I lived with (who is SO not "Brentwood") had a party. Her mom and brother came over the day of the party and COMPLETELY rearranged the house because it didn't look "Brentwood enough". SERIOUSLY?!?!?! So stuck up. Don't get me wrong. I love her mom to death. But dude. There's more to life! I'd rather have my house a little messy and spend time with my real friends at my house, than to have everything freakin SPOTLESS and have a ton of people who I can't really stand in my house. Ya know?

I guess it's just me. Oh well. Enjoy.

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