Thursday, December 11, 2008

So Happy.

So tonight I'm going to Clarksville to help Matthew decorate his apartment for CHRISTmas. I may also meet one of his best friends and his wife. Not sure yet. I can't wait! I get to leave work at 1630. (Oh yeah. I'm using military time, since Matthew uses it. That way I don't get confused. Because I do. LOL!)

I'm so excited about this relationship. Matthew treats me so well. He always makes sure I'm ok. He gets along well with my family and friends... Which is SO important to me. I'm talking, my parents have gotten him 2 CHRISTmas presents! They have NEVER even thought about buying gifts for my boyfriends. They really like him. My heart is overjoyed.

Gotta go back to work. I'll update more later.

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