Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please Forgive Me!

I know. I'm horribly behind on my blog! But I have just been enjoying my new married life. My husband is so wonderful! We have been enjoying each other for the last 2 weeks. We didn't go on a honeymoon yet, so the week after we got married we just stayed home and relaxed. That Thursday he had laser eye surgery and I got to play nurse and take care of him. He's doing much better now and can see great! He went back to work on Monday but only for a couple of hours. Tuesday was back to normal. Thankfully his second job has been cut wayyy back so we have been able to spend some good quality time together!

This weekend, we are at my parents house. Snowed in. First time in YEARS! Lol! So we're hoping we will be able to drive home tomorrow so hubby can be back for work on Monday!

Today we have been married for TWO WEEKS! It still hasn't sunk in all the way, I don't think! I randomly think to myself "OMG! I'm MARRIED!!" But I completely love it!

Other than that, life isn't all that excited for me. I'm trying to come up with some things for me to do during the day. I'll have to get into that later though. I am going to try to blog more regularly. My readers need SOMETHING! (I love you ALL!)

Well, it's late. I will update more tomorrow! I promise!

Much Love,


  1. I'm so happy for your Sarah!
    Wedding pics?! lol! We're all dying to see them!

  2. you owe us NO apologies! im so happy for you and love all the pics you've posted on FB. you looked gorgeous. i love your dress. we are coming up on our 9th wedding anniversary in April. wising you a lifetime of beautiful bliss.

  3. Stopping by from SITS

    Congratulations! There's nothing more hopeful than the voice of a new bride. I can't wait to read all about your adventures as a newlywed. I've been thinking about getting lasik, what was your husband's experience with it?

  4. YAY! I just love newlyweds! I'm with the above commenter- we need a wedding pics post!

    Hugs, and thanks for the follow:)