Sunday, October 26, 2008


This month has been very sad for my family. Especially my dad. First, his mom died. Then he pretty much lost his sisters too. They didn't die, but the relationship did.

A week later, a longtime friend of our family, Vickie, died. I grew up with her kids. Her oldest, Brandon, is a year older than me. Tyler is a year younger than me and she's getting married in 2 months. And the youngest, Cameron, is only 17. The visitation for Miss Vickie lasted longer than the 4 hours it was supposed to. We stood in line for 2 1/2 hours, just to pay our respects and see the family. It was heartbreaking, but also a testiment of how many people were touched by Miss Vickie. She will be greatly missed.

Yesterday, my dad's friend died. I'm not really sure if my dad would consider him his best friend or not, cause my parents' don't really have "best friends" (besides each other). But he did spend a lot of time with Frank.

Oh and then there's the tv issue. My dad has been waiting for years to get a new tv. He finally had the money to buy the 51 inch HDTV that he wanted, and when he turned it on, the screen was cracked and there were lines all the way across. And the store won't take it back, and the warranty won't cover it. He is so upset. I mean, he shelled out $2600 for this tv and it doesn't even WORK! I'm upset about it too!

So needless to say, not such a great month for my dad. Please pray for him.

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