Friday, October 3, 2008


Today, my Mamaw went home to see Jesus. And Papaw. Good for her. She's not in pain anymore. And she can spend the rest of eternity praising her Father.

For the rest of us left behind, its sad. Especially for my dad and aunts. They've had to watch both of their parents die from the same horrible disease. Its heart breaking. And at some point, it may have even been preventable. The really scary thing is, I've had a great uncle die from it too. And another great uncle and a cousin may have the same thing. There are class action lawsuits going on right now for the same reason. I wish my family could do something.

My parents are driving to Oklahoma right now. I'm not sure when the funeral will be. My sister and I will not be able to go. Which is kind of hard to deal with. Not sure how my aunts and cousins feel about that. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that I got to see Mamaw a month ago. I can remember her that way, not the way she got in the last few days.


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